Wednesday, December 29, 2004

A Greeny Christmas

Christmas actually went over very well this year. I got a really big present earlier in the year so I wasn't expecting much when we began our hysterical scramble to get the overly taped presents totally exposed on Christmas day. Actually we opened our gifts on the 23rd....well....because we wanted to.

Anyway, there were the usual stocking stuffers, trinkets, and calenders. Of course there was more stuff but the greatest trinket of all was to my dad, dad. A new digital camera! My brother and I locked eyes and without speaking we immediately knew that we would have to confiscate the new toy ASAP. We threw our gifts aside and in a calm tone we told the old man to hand it over so we could charge it.

Now of course we allowed dad to have the first few glorifying shots. Yet, as soon as it was fully charged we took it for a little Greeny spin. It wouldn't be right without one little spin.

Now here is my brother jumping off the couch and catching a little wind. I would like to point out how our father is completely ignoring the "event" that is taking place right behind him.

Whoa.......and he goes for the superman look!

Now begins the traditional kitchen cheer before we eat. YAY!

Last but never least.....our little sister wanted to get in on the picture fun. Look at her fly. What a happy baby. Ok so the happiness had something to do with the quarter we paid her. You can still see the quarter gripped tightly in her right hand.

::sigh:: Another successful Greeny Christmas. Dad is already complaining about his new camera so it is possible that he will return it for a different model. YAY! The imagination wheel never stops spinning!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The King has returned!

My geeky side has been unleashed today....for it is the release of the final DVD set for the LOTR's. All hale the power of the precious extended DVD sets! Why do they even release the normal sets? Why not just cut to the chase and release the extended sets? Sounds too much like right.....right? Anyway, I have the first two extended DVD sets and today they finally released the third. The Return of the King. So during lunch I am going to force my way through traffic, honk at the slow morons and push old ladies aside as I make my way to Best Buy.

Once I have made it through the firey hell that is known as Alabama traffic I will hold my prize up proudly and begin to cry like a little school girl.

OK, so I am exaggerating a little bit.....who cares? Summary: I'm gonna buy the extended DVD today at Best Buy. Yet, this is how happy I will be.....without the beard, baggy eyes and wrinkles.

Monday, December 13, 2004 son of a -

Ok.....I screwed up this past week. On Friday I got an e-mail that made me smile. Well my new manager....who is a real cool boss....wasn't having a great day. So after 5 pm I was getting ready to leave and I thought.....why not share the funny e-mail with the wait...with the BOSS! YAY! So I forwarded it on and waited for his laughter. Well....while staring at my keyboard I got to thinking. Ok, maybe it was too late for my brain to chime in...but I did it anyway.

I got to thinking about my bosses last name. Holy shamoolee! I sent it to the wrong man! I sent it to the man in charge of our customer. Yeah! The head honchoo, the big cheese, the godfather of our client. I sensed panic and immediately went to my boss, whom the e-mail was meant for, and told him what happened. He laughed and I wanted to cry. Will I get in trouble, will this man e-mail me back in CAPS, will I be...gulp...fired?

Well here is what I sent:

Ever have a bad day?

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Random Picture

I am not sure if I should be flattered that I am a freakin apple....but whatever. At least I am colorful and spinning around. What random picture are you?
Which Random Image are you?
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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Practical joke fun

Man, do I love practical jokes or what? Yes....yes I do. Here is one of the sickest practical jokes that I have had the privelage to view on the world wide web. Sick.....but still funny.

Penthouse Playmate, Kyli Ryan, came to The Bear studios for a visit and The Bear's Breakfast decided to pull a fast one. Yukon was blindfolded and was then told he would be able to "cop a feel". Bear listener "Man Boobs" was brought in for Yukon to unknowingly feel up. Fair warning...some of the pictures are disturbing and are not for the weak of stomach.

And we begin.... As you can see, this man has some nice boobies. Some girls may even be jealous.

Moving along, the victim gets his rub on. shivers

Last...but not least....FACE dive?! Major grossness but I can't help but point and laugh.

What have we learned today kids? Not all boobie freebies are good boobie freebies.